• Ingredients:
    • Rice paper (for spring rolls)
    • Water soluble food coloring
    • Beads
    • Inventory:
      • Wooden skewers
      • Silicone mat
      • Flat container with cold water
    1. Pour food coloring in the water and mix well. (If you want a brighter color, add more food coloring)

    2. Dip the rice paper into the water for 15-30 seconds, the less the better, and carefully lay it on a mat.

    3. Stretch it and make any form you want, there aren't any rules here, it's up to you. Put the skewer inside. When the sails are cool, the skewer sticks better and holds on to the sail well.

    4. Decorate with beads or paint with candurin.
    For this, take candurin (shiny food coloring) and add a few drops of alcohol and mix. With this you can decorate the sails.

    Leave them for 24.

    5. The cake has to be coated before decorating it with rice sails. Make sure to use either chocolate ganache or egg whites-butter based cream, this way or sails won't get moistened from the cream.
    Use the same cream or chocolate to attach the sails to the cake.

    Figure out the placement of the rice sail, then apply cream or ganache on it and stick it to the cake.
    Our decor is done! You have a beautiful decor with rice sails.
    Ways of decorating with rice sails
    (the pictures are from Pinterest):