How to set a price for your desserts
  • If you are selling your first desserts and you still have training to do, let the price be as much as you spent on the products you used. Still, appreciate your work, don't give them away for free!
    • If it's not your first and you are confident in the result, set a good price from the beginning.
      • Start with doubling the price of the ingredients. If you spent 10$, sell for 20$
        • As soon as things start going well, increase the price up to 3x.
          • Then, when you have a good customer base, increase the price as much as you think you deserve, or sell for as much as other confectioners in your town do.
            • Justify your prices to the clients by letting them know you only use high quality products and put a lot of time into this work! But I'm sure everyone values good handwork, so you should have problems with finding clients.
              • Don't be shy! After all, you are confident in the quality of your products and in the fact that the customers won't find such desserts in a store.